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What's Trending in Retirement Version 2

Retirement Continues to Evolve

A rocking chair on the front porch is almost no one’s idea of retirement these days. As your generation has done with every other aspect of life, you are revolutionizing retirement as well.

thumbnail-e-book-whats-trending-in-retirement-v2Today’s retirees want to keep enjoying the very best life has to offer. This quarterly analysis of the latest retirement trends is your source for Everything Retirement, from finance and technology, to health and travel, and more.

Retirement is all about balancing priorities. This is true whether you’re still working and trying to save, or have already retired and are choosing which expenses are most important to you.

Some retirees might downsize to a smaller home in order to afford more travel; others may switch to generic brands to increase their philanthropy. Your ideal balance is unique, and finding it can be difficult as your choices are restricted by obligations and expectations.

Whether you want to streamline your finances, adopt a healthier lifestyle, transform your life through travel, or just keep up-to-date on the latest ideas and trends, Everything Retirement is your guide.

What’s Included in This FREE E-Book?

  1. Retirement Continues to Evolve
  2. A Gentle Nudge in a New Direction
  3. Looking for Love Online?
  4. Balancing Your Financial Priorities
  5. Transformational Travel: Expand Your Horizons
  6. There is Nothing to Fear at the Gym
  7. Conclusion: You Decide What Retirement Looks Like Today

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