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What's Trending in Retirement Version 1

Retirement is Changing

Gone are the days when retirees were expected to clock out at the end of their final shift just to disappear and spend a few quiet years at home.

thumbnail-e-book-whats-trending-in-retirement-version-1Today’s retirees refuse to be pushed aside. They are younger and healthier than ever before and expect to remain active and engaged in their families, communities and - often - even the workforce.

This quarterly analysis of the latest retirement trends is your source for Everything Retirement from finance and technology, to health and travel, and more. Learn how to make your golden years even more radiant.

As a retiree, your choices evolve and expand every day. Whether you want to protect your independence, simplfy an errand, consider the latest health advice, choose an innovative vacation destination, or simply have a little more fun, you now have a wealth of options. The first is simply to stretch.

Every quarter, Everything Retirement provides this analysis of the latest retirement trends - one easy, complimentary source to keep you up-to-date and give you the insight and tips you need to enjoy your retirement on your terms. While stretching, take your time, breathe, protect the position of your spine, and only stretch as far as you are comfortable. It’s also wise to warm up before stretching. One of the best ways to do that is with the second exercise: walking.

What’s Included in This FREE E-Book?

  1. Retirement is Changing
  2. Aging Gracefully with Smartphone Apps
  3. Making New Friends as an Adult
  4. Don't Leave Your Home Unprotected
  5. Budgeting on a Fixed Income
  6. Time to Take a Stroll
  7. Conclusion: Retirement. On Your Own Terms.

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