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The Seniorpreneur Imperative

An inspirational briefing on an emerging retirement trend

When we launched our E-Book series we promised that – among many other issues – we would give our expanding group of followers advance information about trends and opportunities that can help them lead a more satisfying and productive retirement life.

The Seniorpreneur ImperativeSeniorpreneurship is one of those trends, and that opportunity, and we want to tell you about it.

The word ‘seniorpreneur’ defines and describes a rapidly growing group of mature men and women in many countries of the developed world who have decided to find creative sources of work beyond the traditional retirement age of 65.

Some are doing this out of financial necessity. Others are doing this because they’re not prepared to call it quits. They have founded, and are founding, start-ups – typically home- based small businesses. The Seniorpreneur Imperative is about them and for those who aspire to join them.

There are three categories of retiree:

  1. Those that have adequately prepared for a period of retired life that most experts predict will last for 30 years or more – a period almost as long as the working life preceding it.
  2. The retiree that has properly prepared but is still motivated to work regularly.
  3. The rest.

What’s Included in This FREE E-Book?

  1. Introduction: The Age Of The Seniorpreneur
  2. Neutralizing The Fear Factor By Finding Your Niche
  3. Age Is Your Edge
  4. Conclusion: Break The Rules, Scare Yourself, Never Play It Safe

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