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So You Think You Are Ready to Retire

The Eight Keys To A Successful Retirement Life

The inspiration for this E-Book is the work of Barry LaValley, one of the most authoritative sources of insight and inspiration and hard-nosed advice about one of the greatest social challenges today: Successfully anticipating and managing the retirement process.

Don Tamelin – Vice President & General Manager of Coastal Community Private Wealth Group and one of the visionaries inspiring the Everything Retirement online platform – directed a team of writers and designers responsible for the creation of this E-Book.

Collectively, we saw no good reason not to use the title of Mr. LaValley’s excellent work – So You Think You Are Ready To Retire? – as the title of our own. Why?

For the simple reason that the deliberately challenging and rhetorical title it carries precisely confirms our most deeply held convictions about this – most difficult, yet potentially exhilarating – transition in life.

We believe – along with Mr. LaValley – in a truth that many retirees quickly discover. Retirement is a process rather than a destination.

We also believe that, far from being the nirvana many pre-retirees expect it to be, retirement is full of surprising pitfalls: psychological, emotional, existential and financial.

What’s Included in This FREE E-Book?

  1. Having a Positive Attitude Towards Your Future
  2. Developing a Clear Vision of the Kind of Life That You Want
  3. Maintaining a Healthy Approach to Mental & Physical Aging
  4. Understanding the Meaning of ‘Work’ in Retirement
  5. Nurturing Family & Personal Relationships
  6. Fostering an Active Social Network
  7. Cultivating a Balanced Approach to Leisure
  8. Ensuring ‘Financial Comfort’ – Through Budgeting & Money Management

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