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Financial Wellness in Retirement

The idea of wellness – both physical and mental – has been part of the debate about what contributes to good overall health for many years.

The media world – TV, print and online – is saturated with commercials promoting physical wellness. But financial wellness? It’s largely ignored.

An undeniable causal connection has been identified between financial wellness (the fact that an individual’s finances are on a sound footing) and improved productivity, reduced rates of absenteeism, and increased focus in the workplace. Translation: A financially healthy employee works harder, longer, and with enhanced concentration.

The same principle, we believe, needs to be applied to the quality of life people lead in retirement. Personal serenity – the feeling of contentment and confidence all retirees crave – is founded on many considerations. But let’s not kid ourselves. Not having to struggle financially is one of them – a major one.

Financial wellness is not a goal, it’s a planned process leading to a positive, sustainable outcome: peace-of-mind.

This e-book will help you understand what financial wellness is so you can develop a plan that you can follow, control and achieve it. You will learn to avoid some basic mistakes and take decisive actions with real impact – building a path to a healthier financial life and a more emotionally fulfilling retirement and with enhanced concentration.

What’s Included in This FREE E-Book?

  • Four Key Issues – And how to resolve them.
  • Planning – The financial reality of retirement has changed.
  • Saving – The psychology of saving.
  • Spending – How to avoid outliving your money.
  • Borrowing – Manage debt by not letting debt manage you.

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