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Adapting To Today’s Retirement Trends

60 is the New 40

If there is a single word that describes today’s successful retiree it is adaptable. As defined by the Cambridge Dictionary1, adaptable means ‘able or willing to change to suit different conditions.’

Adapting To Today’s Retirement Trends
As we pointed out in the first edition of this E-Book, far from being static the retirement landscape is one of constantly shifting sands. And we warned that it was impossible – and possibly even downright foolhardy – to quantify the trends that determine it.

We said that, like sand dunes in the desert, retirement trends are in constant motion, part of a relentless process of rearrangement and change.

What continues to characterize our thinking about the challenges and opportunities of retirement is an attitude of fundamental optimism.

  1. The dialogue generated by our increasingly popular Everything Retirement website.
  2. Our regular dealings with depositors and investment clients at the credit unions that support us.

As a result, we know just how vigorously today’s retiree generally acts and behaves. The late, great Muhammed Ali2 said it best: ‘Age is whatever you think it is. You are as old as you think you are.’

What’s Included in This FREE E-Book?

  1. Delayed Departure – The Trend Towards Staggered Retirement
  2. 60 Is the New 40 – 6 Ways Being Active Keeps You Young
  3. Shacking Up – Retirees Are Sharing Accommodation
  4. Conscious Aging – An Empowering Approach to Later Life
  5. Go East Young Men (and Women) – Asian Spiritual Rejuvination Therapy
  6. Tapping – Banking Made Easier for Seniors
  7. Smart Art – Creativity and Mental Well-Being
  8. Conclusion – Cultivating Cognitive Capacity

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